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Let’s Think in English (LTE) is a teaching programme which helps primary and secondary pupils develop the higher-order skills needed for success in English.

These include inference, deduction and analysis together with confidence and resilience when responding to unfamiliar texts.

Like CASE and CAME, LTE is one of the cognitive acceleration programmes developed at King’s College London.

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LTE has made me rethink the types of questions I ask during my lessons and to plan for a wider range of questions in order to elicit more thoughtful responses. I’ve also noticed the students have been empowered to ask more insightful questions themselves – some of which I can respond to and others which we have to investigate further, helping the students see learning as a lifelong process.

London secondary teacher

My class have improved on their reasoning and discussion skills throughout this year. They comfortably answer questions knowing that I will ask them to explain their answer. The class as a whole have improved on their listening skills so they are ready to join in during LTE lesson. The EAL children in my class particularly enjoy the lessons and have made good progress because the focus is on talking instead of writing.

Year 6 teacher

I would just like to reiterate how much I enjoyed the training in the last few weeks. It has been one the most useful insets that I have encountered in my 20 or so years of training and a programme that I am now very interested in. Michael delivered the programme in such a down to earth and honest way, which was refreshing. Thanks again.

British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It has been clear that my children love these lessons and the challenge they bring. They have begun to question everything and are, more often, looking for different ideas or views that could be seen when we are doing other learning. They have begun to develop resilience when their thinking is challenged and their ability to work as a group has developed – even if it still has ways to go. Over the year, I can see the direct impact that these lessons have had on our Guided Reading and English lessons and the children’s abilities

Year 6 teacher

Pupils were challenged to discuss their ideas about a story based on very limited information. Skilful questioning probed pupils’ understanding and engaged them in quite a sophisticated debate which developed their critical thinking very well.

Ofsted report on school judged outstanding, June 2015

Teaching the LTE lessons and discussing the process with colleagues has given me a lot of confidence in setting higher aspirations for students. It has allowed me to reflect on students’ learning and the impact of strategic questioning.

London secondary teacher