Let’s Think in English for Key Stage 2

Let’s Think in English at KS2 is based on the same approach as the KS3 materials. It too uses English texts – fiction, poetry and non-fiction – to enhance thinking skills. At present the Let’s Think in English at KS2 materials are designed for use with Year 5 and 6 classes.


Let’s Think in English at KS2 consists of a suite of high-interest lessons which are intended to be used fortnightly. They are largely oral, based on reading, open-ended questioning and structured group discussion which increases pupils’ reasoning skills. A particular feature is metacognition (structured reflection) which makes pupils more aware of their thinking processes and how they think most effectively.

The KS2 Let’s Think English Network meets each term at King’s College London to share experience of teaching Let’s Think in English and work on new ideas and approaches. There are lessons for each reasoning pattern and more are being developed.

Teachers who wish to explore the approach at KS2 should contact Michael Walsh at michael.walsh@letsthink.org.uk for further details and meeting dates.

For an example of a Let’s Think in English KS2 lesson, download “What has happened to Lulu?”

Let's Think poster