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LTE has had a very positive impact on my teaching: my confidence has increased so that I am more willing now to step out of my comfort zone and try new approaches to teaching and learning. The programme has improved my ability to ask questions: I now respond to the children’s answers with a more analytical understanding; and I respond with more specific questions to enable pupils to strengthen their understanding. 

LTE has had a fantastic impact on the children, not only in English but also across the curriculum. I have seen an improvement in their reasoning skills; they are now able to question their own thoughts and those of their peers. The lessons have encouraged greater participation in class discussions, especially those children who were more reserved. 

Teamwork skills have improved; they value other children’s opinions more and realise that they can constructively criticise each other’s opinions to arrive at an agreed conclusion. The children are more willing to accept that maybe they are wrong at times! A pupil-led approach has resulted in clear increases in the levels of confidence and enjoyment whilst demonstrating higher standards of achievement, greater understanding of issues and a willingness to explore ideas. This is evident within English as well as across the curriculum.