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Let’s Think in English blog

This page features news from the Let’s Think in English team, and blog posts from our wider community of schools.

Let’s Think in English online?

Let’s Think online? A conversation with Myfanwy Edwards by Leah Crawford Let’s Think is a classroom intervention whose powerful ticking engine lies in the social construction of understanding. The safe, meaning making community that we work so hard to develop over time, is built on carefully mediated dialogic exchanges. Yet…

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In praise of neutrality

In Let’s Think in English (LTE) we support teachers to review their practise providing recommendations for them to trial and reflect upon while teaching our lessons. Without doubt the recommendation that creates the greatest emotional response is adopting a neutral stance in LTE lessons and avoiding explicit praise. This is…

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Leading LTE Course Review

The “Leading Let’s Think in English” course was designed for experienced primary and secondary LTE teachers leading the programme in their setting and wishing to develop their teaching, leadership and understanding of LTE. In many cases participants had been teaching LTE for over 5 years. The objectives were to provide…

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LTE in Lockdown

Let’s Think in English in Lockdown By Leah Crawford This blog grew out of a short email exchange with a very experienced KS2 English leader and teacher of Let’s Think, Tom Leigh, who works at Fryern Junior School in Hampshire. Tom contacted me and a few other Let’s Think teachers…

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