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Leading LTE Course Review

The “Leading Let’s Think in English” course was designed for experienced primary and secondary LTE teachers leading the programme in their setting and wishing to develop their teaching, leadership and understanding of LTE. In many cases participants had been teaching LTE for over 5 years.

The objectives were to provide colleagues with:

• An opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of LTE
• An opportunity to apply this knowledge and understanding in their setting.
• An opportunity to collaborate with LTE colleagues.

28 teachers completed the course. The evaluations were very positive with 100% of respondents indicating they would recommend the course to another.

Here one of the course participants, Sarah Cunningham, Deputy Headteacher at Merdon Junior School discusses the course.


The evaluations indicated teachers felt they were better able to assess pupils, apply the Let’s Think principles beyond the LTE lessons and developed their understanding of the reasoning patterns. The most common responses were the course provided them with a better understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of Let’s Think and they became more responsive practitioners. In essence, they started to own the pedagogy.

Colleagues were able to identify a number of next steps. Embedding and sustaining Let’s Think featured highly with regular meetings being scheduled and working parties established within their schools. Participants felt they could use many of the processes they undertook in the training with their colleagues such as reflecting on lesson transcript and collaborative planning.

You can read the full report and evaluations here: Leading LTE Review

We hope to run the course again next academic year when life in schools has hopefully returned to normal.
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