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We have found that being part of the LTE network has had a huge impact on sustaining and developing pedagogy and teaching and learning across our Federation. This is especially important to us as our isolated location, in Cornwall, means we need to keep in touch with successful new initiatives. Having a link with the LTE network means we are developing teaching strategies used across the LTE network of schools and continually reflecting on and evaluating our own practise. All teachers have had the chance to watch LTE lessons delivered by other teachers across the federation which has meant they have been empowered to ‘fine-tune’ their own teaching strategies and help others develop too.

Teachers are now using the LTE teaching techniques across a wide variety of curriculum areas and pupils are developing their inference skills when tackling more advanced texts, which is particularly useful for Year 6 Reading SATS. Pupils are also engaged in using richer texts and are able to develop their responses through more open-ended questioning and forming links with responses from their peers.